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Magnetic Ball Sketch Pad


Give young minds a break from electronic devices and make them learn and develop important skills while they do so!

Finally! Kids can now reconnect with their imagination and ignite their creativity with the Magnetic Ball Sketch Pad! Introduce them with educational concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, animals, and more with the magic of magnets.

Magnetic Ball Sketch Pad will attribute a fun recreation with optimistic learning that encourages the child to repeat the activity over and over, providing many learning opportunities!

Draw Freely - Develop kids’ imaginations and explore their creativity with magnetic spheres, using the magnetic tip of the included stylus.

Environmental Friendly - Don't waste paper anymore! Magnetic Ball Sketch Pad will not just help your kids learn but also help save mother nature.

Safe - Aside from being made from ABS plastic material and none toxicity, this Magnetic Ball Sketch Pad has little magnet beads to stay self-contained for superior safety.

Reusable - When finished simply erase the board by pushing the beads down with your finger or the side of the pen and start over.