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Magic Starfish Laundry Ball


These cute Starfish Laundry Ball will improve washing greatly by simulating the old practice of scrubbing clothes, saving you lots of water and energy.

Washing clothes thru an appliance doesn't always completely clean the clothes, so you need to grab these Starfish Laundry Balls! Quickly disintegrate stain on clothes without exerting much effort! Also, it softens fabric naturally with the impact of the current when hitting the clothes!

Another frustrating part of washing clothes is when apparel gets tangled and it sometimes destroys fabrics or clothes. Oh well, that will never happen anymore with these Starfish Laundry Balls. Works as a pretty cute anti-winding and anti-static device in your watching machine!

Promising Quality - Adopting PVC soft rubber, soft and good elasticity. There will be no harm to clothing and washing machine. Starfish Laundry Ball will not fade during the laundry process so it will not dye the laundry.

Easy To Use - Simply put the Starfish Laundry Ball and laundry into the washing machine, add some washing powder or laundry liquid, and then start up the washing machine. The laundry will come out with a clean smell and brilliant condition.

Unique Design - Adds friction and lets clothes wash more efficiently even stubborn stains on clothes will be easier to wash off, restituting a flawless dress to you.

Perfect Laundry Buddy - Starfish Laundry Ball prevents clothes from twisting or tangling together. Perfect to use balls on denim, cotton, and other sturdy fabrics.