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Magic Silicon Back Scrub

Pink 59x10cm)
Pink (68x11cm)
Blue (59x10cm)
Blue (68x11cm)
Green 59x10cm)
Green (68x11cm)
Orange 59x10cm)
Orange (68x11cm)

We got your back! With Magic Silicon Back Scrub you can enjoy deep skin cleaning and scrubbing for your whole back in a much comfortable way while giving you a therapeutic massage in showers.

Made of high-quality silicone with soft bristles, the scrubber does not only clean off the dirt from your skin but also provides a moderate level for exfoliating to effectively remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin by keeping it smooth and healthy.

Designed with dual-sided and two ergonomic handles, making the bath scrubber easy to stretch to those hard-to-reach areas, such as shoulder, back, and lower back areas.

Two Ergonomic Handles- Easily stretches in length with both handles on the two ends, Magic Silicon Back Scrub enables you to clean your whole back and other hard-to-reach areas, including shoulder, back, and lower back areas. 

Soft & Comfortable -Magic Silicon Back Scrub is made of top-quality silicone with 1cm soft bristles to gently rejuvenate the dead skin cells. 

Easy To Foam -You just need to use a little water, soap, or your favorite body washes, or skin treatment will be easily foamed up.

Hangable Design -When you're done, use the handles to hang it in your bathroom for quick-drying, keeping mold and mildew away.