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Luminous Star Pillow


Teddy bears are great, but we always teach our kids to reach for the stars. These Luminous Star Pillows will fill any room with light, keeping away the monsters and other creepy-crawly creatures scaring your kids at night!

Something you could use every day for comfort and for fun! Soft enough for a glow in the dark pillow fight, bright enough to guide the way for your kids at night. This Luminous Star Pillow really is the perfect companion for a child who wants to have a nightlight in their room.

Luminous Star Pillows will be the one gift that will get used daily and never get old.  Be the hero your kids deserve and help them banish the monsters for good with their very own shining star!

Embroidered Eyes - The eyes of this Luminous Star Pillow are embroidered so that it will be safe for kids to play with.

Hanging String - Luminous Star Pillow is easy to hang up or be carried along with you. Keep this shining star close to you wherever you may go.

Premium Material - Made with high-quality polyester and pp cotton, this cute and adorable pillow has enough cotton making it plumper and vivid.

Bottom Switch - You may choose to light up the pillow or not, depending on your preference. Just push the button to turn it off and on.