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LED Flash Jumping Rope Ball


This is the best toy focus on what the child can do!

This LED Flash Jumping Rope Ball is a fun flashing spring-ring toy for kids. Made of environmentally friendly plastic, odorless, light, and safe to play with. 

This skip ball is looped around one foot while the other foot hops over the ball attached to the rope, then swing with your leg to get the toy moving and jump over the ball and cord.  A thick sponge layer covers the foot ring, which can protect your ankle from hurting. Great jumping ball toy for kids' fitness and playing, your kids will surely love it!

Parent-Child Hop Toy Ball This sports toy ball that covers the ages, suits for kids (5 and up) and adults, you can play with your kids, a fun cardio exercise.

Easy to Use - First put the ring on one foot and then rotate it forward or backward. When you turn to the other foot, lift the other foot, and the feet will cooperate with each other to make it circulate. The whole action is like a single foot rope skipping.

Multi-FunctionA fun and entertaining toy to encourage children to exercise. Develop coordination, endurance, athletic skills, flexibility, etc. 

Safe MaterialsMade of Eco-friendly PP material, odor-less and non-toxic, safe to use. Built-in LED flashing lights(induction design), which will make you eye-catching, especially at night. Easy to learn and use, very interesting, suitable for both kids and adults.