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LED Faucet Tap Light

7 Colors
Single Color

Light up your sink and faucet, and have a wonderful illumination as the water flows down the stream with the all-new LED Faucet Tap Light! 

Make washing fun and colorful! Install Tap Light to your faucet to get a waterfall of colors every time you turn on the tap. It is hydro-powered, no electricity supply is needed. No extra switches are required!

LED Faucet Tap Light comes with an excellent thermal sensor that helps to predetermine water temperature. When the water temperature is below 32°C degrees, the LED light turns blue, if the temperature is between 33 to 41°C degrees the light turns green, and when the temperature is between 42 to 45 degrees it will display red lights, and when the temperature exceeds 46 degrees, it will emit a flashing red light.

This color-changing faucet has built-in durable valves to prevent leakage. Tap Light could help children avoid scalding water, another entertaining way to encourage them in washing to achieve better hygiene. A device must-have for every home!

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Eco-friendly And Efficient - Tap Light has mini built-in generating electricity devices, it does not need batteries and power supplies, as long as the water flow it will generate lights.

Fits On Most Taps - The outer diameter of this faucet is 2.4 cm which is the universal size. Fits most of the taps.

Color Indicates Temperature - Intuitive design uses color to indicate hot, warm, or cold water - red, green, and blue respectively. Whatever temperature you prefer, the lights will show you when the water is ready.

Sleek Design - No one would ever notice you have Tap Light installed with it's ABS chroming material and chrome plating. Durable, corrosion-resistant, and modern!

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