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LED Book Light Panel

Reading in bed is lovely, but the light isn’t always perfect unless you have the Book Light Panel, specially designed for readers! Revolutionary modern book light for nighttime reading.

Unlike normal book lights, this reading light illuminates the whole page rather than just part of it. This incredible Book Light Panel directs all the light only onto the page you are reading, without bothering anyone sleeping next to you.

Whether reading in bed, reading on a plane, or reading in a car, this Book Light Panel is the perfect accessory for all readers and travelers. Just place it on the book and read. With no stray light escaping, giving you the ideal light you need.

Good For Your Eyes - Lights up the entire page evenly for comfortable reading with adjustable brightness. Protect your eyes now and stop trying to read in the dark!

Battery Operated - Use AAA batteries and enjoy reading without cables getting in the way of your vision and bring it anywhere without the worry of looking for a power source

No More Scattered Light - Book Light Panel is unlike others that send light into all kinds of places we don't need it. 

Innovative Design - Tiny LED lights push light out of the base and through the glass. Book Light Panel makes sure that the page you're reading is completely illuminated, with no dark spots, and there's no eye strain.