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Leather Pad Bag Car Seat Back Organizer


Give your passengers a comfortable ride with this Leather Pad Bag Car Seat Back Organizer! Keep everything organized in one place so that you can enjoy your next journey without suffering the mess cabin!

With multiple compartments for many needs and a built-in foldable table, this organizer can make long rides less boring and more comfortable. The multifunctional design of the Leather Pad Bag Car Seat Back Organizer has designated pockets for water bottles, umbrellas, tissue boxes, gadgets, magazines, and more!

Using the Leather Pad Bag Car Seat Back Organizer, your car’s seat will instantly keep your leather or cloth seats clean from scuff marks, stains, or spills left by your kid's feet. Turn your car into a mobile home!

Multi-functional - A must-have car accessory for traveling, a great place to store your phone, it also has a tablet holder, cup holder, umbrella holder, tissue holder, and thickened folding table tray, a comfortable place to eat during long and exhausting trips. 

Easy Installation - Simple and no complicated instructions to follow with the one-piece design, No worry keeping track of spare parts.

Delicate - This Leather Pad Bag Car Seat Back Organizer is dustproof, demanding no cleaning and remaining forever clean as new!

Unique Design - Lightweight, convenient to fold and place, galore the roomiest and versatile organization bag for vehicles.