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Kitchen Sink Splash Guard


Ever worry about feeling uncomfortable whenever you wash dishes for splashing water on your clothes and floor? Use the Kitchen Sink Splash Guard and you'll be protected from those water splashes when you wash the dishes. Now you can make a clean and dried kitchen!

Tired of water splashing on your floor, counter, and clothes? Well, we are! This Splash Guard helps keep water from doing just so. Place in front of your sink to stay dry so you can spend less time cleaning up. It also works great in the bathroom!

Whether you use it in front of your sink to reduce splashes or behind your island sink faucet as a backsplash, Splash Guard has been designed to help reduce water splashes, so when you're done cleaning, you're done cleaning.

Strong Suction - The bottom of this Sink Splash Guard has three suction cups designed for a tight grip on your sink. 

Easy To Clean- Cleaning this Splash Guard is a breeze. Once done with the dishes, simply wipe dry. It's also dishwasher safe and can be disinfected with hot water.

Design Matters  - This sleek and stylish sink Splash Guard has soft rounded corners that make it comfortable to use and pleasant to look at whether in front of your sink or behind your island faucet. 

Quality Matters - Made to the highest manufacturing standards, this Splash Guard is made of food-grade BPA-free platinum silicone and is highly durable.