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Kitchen Sink Faucet Rack

Having a hard time organizing your kitchen? This Faucet Rack will help you do so and save space like no other. A new must-have in every kitchen sink with its delicate craft, classic style, and beauty!

With this amazing Faucet Rack, you can easily organize your stuff and save space, for it comes with a unique clamp that can easily be attached to any water or faucet pipes. Very easy and convenient to install! You can also have it installed in your bathroom for your storage needs.

The structure is perfect for draining sponge and other kitchen cleaning essentials. Faucet Rack is made from a rustproof material, that can ensure you a long-lasting service.

Rotatable Clamp Design - it can be easily adjusted according to the thickness of the water pie. Faucet Rack can also be installed in other parts of the house that has sinks or faucets that needs organization.

Premium Material - Faucet Rack is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is rust-proof, durable, scratch-resistant, and resistant to deformation.

Hollow Design - Be hygienic at all costs! The Faucet Rack is s designed to drain water from the sponge, cloth, or any material you store in it to prevent forming of bacteria.

Adjustable - Faucet Rack is suitable for any faucet pipe between 0.59 inches and 1.14 inches. You may also install it whichever height my suit your liking. Simply use auxiliary accessories according to the size of the pipe diameter.