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Kitchen Oil-proof Wallpaper Sticker


Goodbye, oil splatter! Hello, clean kitchen! Protect your beloved kitchen from dirt, spills, and grease with the Kitchen Oil-proof Sticker!

This sticker ensures that walls, countertops, and tables stay clean and stain-free after a day of cooking.

With just one swipe, oil, grease, stain, dirt, and food debris are all gone! It makes life in the kitchen so much easier. You'll have more time to enjoy a delicious meal with the whole family.

Installation is an absolute doddle with its self-adhesive backing and example grid cutting lines on the reverse for accuracy. Simply measure the amount you require, peel off the back and lay down the stickers from left to right, being careful to remove any bubbles in the process. As easy as that!

Add complete longevity to furniture and items in your home that are usually susceptible to corrosion and damp. Protection from these is guaranteed when covered with the Kitchen Oil-proof Sticker!

Non-toxic Removable Protection Sticker - The PVC made Kitchen Oil-proof Sticker has great oil-proof and waterproof, dustproof performance.

High-Temperature Resistance - The fire retardant material ensures safe and carefree usage in multiple environments.

Wide Application - Great for decorating your furniture or refreshing the house, perfect for kitchen, bathroom, cabinet, dresser drawer, shelf, door, and so on.

Strong Viscosity - As long as it's on a smooth surface, you don't have to worry about the Kitchen Oil-proof Sticker coming off.