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Kitchen Grains Storage Container with Shelf


These airtight, space-saving Kitchen Grains Storage Container keep your dry foods fresh and your pantry organized!

Designed for modular stacking, Kitchen Grains Storage Containers' rectangular shapes make the most out of any storage space, no matter how little space you have. These even come with an easy to install wall-mounted shelf saving you much more space!

Keep your kitchen neatly organized and make cooking a great experience by having your dry ingredients at an easy reach. Give your kitchen the look it deserves with the Kitchen Grains Storage Container!

No Plastic Taste - Made using thick and durable plastic that never alters the taste, 100% BPA-free, and treats you to hassle-free maintenance.

Elegant - With beautiful white lids and a clear body, these rectangular airtight containers spruce up your kitchen while allowing you to easily monitor the contents.

See-through Design - The Kitchen Grains Storage Container themselves are designed to be clear so that you can see what the contents are.

Store Easily - With an easy-open lid to store your grains and beans which is air-tight when closed, keeping all your dry grain goods safe from rodents.