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Kids Sitting Posture Adjuster


Kids Sitting Posture Adjuster is the best support and reminder for slouching kids to sit upright when reading or writing!

Why is a good posture important in children? The body posture affects body language, mood, and results. It increases their wellbeing and decreases stress levels while strengthening their back and core muscles. Kids Sitting Posture Adjuster is here to achieve the best posture for your youngsters!

Incorrect sitting posture can easily cause a series of problems such as hunchback and myopia. That is why you must grab the Kids Sitting Posture Adjuster for your lads to start preventing such issued as early as childhood!

Simple Function - This Kids Sitting Posture Adjuster is designed for correcting wrong writing or reading posture, keeping reasonable sight distance, straightening back in a sensitive body growth period.

Adjustable - With simple installation, the Kids Sitting Posture Adjuster allows users to adjust their height freely to adapt to the child's height demand.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure - Wrong sitting posture, like lowering heads or bending backs too much may make a child become a nearsighted hunchback accompanied by other symptoms like lack of vigor and confidence and spinal deformity in their later. Good posture is a must!

Easy To Use & Install - Just clip the bottom shelf onto the desk and adjust the height of the orthotic according to the height of your kids.