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Kids LED Projection Optical Tracing Board


The Reflection Optical Tracing Board will help anyone express their creativity and have fun while drawing! Build self-confidence with sketching, keep art fun, and never ever say that you can't draw. 

Through the lens paper, you can see the picture on the drawing. The trackpad has two sides, the front, and back, and the projection effect on both sides is different. Please use the front side. You can use it for mobile phones and tablets. The bracket has two kinds of splicing methods, which are simple and quick to assemble.

The Reflection Optical Tracing Board is the best gift for anyone who loves to draw or is interested in art. Draw any masterpiece more easily!

OPTICAL PAINTING - Reflection Optical Tracing Board is lens imaging, it is easy and convenient to copy the picture that appears on the screen from the phone or pad. You can adjust the light with your phone or pad.

SUITABLE FOR ALL - Not only for tracing well but also developing a skill for drawing, makes drawing anything a snap without professional drawing skills. It is suitable for kids, junior artists, and so on.

SUPPORTS SMARTPHONE AND TABLET - There are 2 splicing methods for the bracket, simple and quick to assemble. Reflection Optical Tracing Board supports most mobile phones and tablets. You can also splice to draw a big picture by magnifying the picture.

EASY TO OPERATE - The Reflection Optical Tracing Board allows you to draw directly on the materials which are opaque, such as canvas T-shirts, bags, paper, rubber stamps, and so on.