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Kids Creative Electric Drill Screw Puzzle Set

Ever wanted a toy that could keep your kids occupied (and away from those addictive electronic devices) for hours, while nurturing their imagination and creativity? Then our  Creative Electric Drill & Screw Puzzle Set is for you!

Kids can now learn mechanics and shapes in a fun and educational way! The electric drill set is perfect for kids who love building and taking things apart, while also teaching them fine motor skills! The Creative Kids Electric Tool Set is a must-have to add to your child's toy collection! 

Invest in this highly educational building block set and find your peace of mind again. Teach them about different colors, shapes, and how to build a whole 3D world right here in their bedroom. Just snap any one of the drill bits into the power drill or the screwdriver handle, grab a handful of bolts, and turn on the learning fun!

Create Your Own 3D World - Do not compromise with toys that suppress your kids’ imagination and mental development. Invest in this highly educational building block set and find your peace of mind again. Help your kids become more imaginative and creative.

Enhance Logical Thinking and Problem-Solving - Engage your kids into interactive playing, facilitate their cooperation with other kids, and boost the feelings of sharing. Ameliorate hand to eye coordination, help them develop fine motor skills, promote logical thinking, and aid in problem-solving to the fullest.

Each Building Block Set Includes - Many take apart blocks in various colors and shapes, an electric drill, a screw driver, and 3 different shaped screws. All of them are nicely packed in a plastic container for hassle-free storage and transposition. More blocks, more options, more constructions, endless fun for your little ones!

The Most Thoughtful Gift Ever -  Searching for the greatest, most interesting yet not boring at all building toys for your kids? Search no more! You have just found the greatest construction blocks for them. Surprise your little ones or give the most educative party favors to their friends. Great for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and more.