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Keyless Fingerprint Padlock


Securing your personal belongings and valuables when you are out and about is kinda’ tricky. Not anymore! Have a savvy and sophisticated anti-theft lock to ward off bad guys and keep all your belongings secured even when on the go with the Keyless Fingerprint Padlock!

Get rid of the need and the hassle for keys, Keyless Fingerprint Padlock is designed for your everyday needs! This lock uses biometric authentication technology and provides quick access to your most precious valuables with just a quick fingerprint.

The Keyless Fingerprint Padlock's body is made of alloy material and its shackle is made of stainless steel for high hardness and high compressive strength. No more keys, passwords, or smartphones involved. Your finger is the key!

Fast Scan Response - It is able to recognize fingerprints in a fraction of a second! Definitely a significant improvement from wasting time fumbling for keys or remembering forgotten password combinations!

USB Charging - The Fingerprint Padlock Is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery via the USB cable which can be used for a couple of months after fully charged.

Strong Build - Seamlessly designed in zinc-alloy metal body construction. Fingerprint Padlock cannot be pried, smashed, or cut. Built-in LED light indicator for easy programming and operation.

Key Free, Be Free - No more fumbling for a traditional key. Fingerprint Padlock allows fingerprint keyless entry - 0.5 sec quick unlock. Fast and easy access to what’s important.