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Jasmis-24k Gold Face Massager

Restore your facial youthful look

You can’t go back in time but you can bring back our youthful look with the right tools! Jasmis uses pulse technology to reserve the aging process and smoothen out facial imperfections!

With 7000 vibrations per minute and multiple massage options, Jasmis has everything to promote a healthy and strong skin while eliminating tensions and wrinkles around the face.

Spreading creams and serums is Jasmis’ specialty. It holds every function you need to create a look that will bring you closer to your younger and prettier self!

Why Jasmis is for you

4in1 skin rejuvenation- Use the 4 heads to get perfect cream absorption around all the nooks and crannies of your face to create a healthy, rejuvenated look!

Reverse the aging process- Jasmis’ high-intensity vibrations promote firmness and elasticity while smoothing out the wrinkles. You’ll look 10 years younger!

Instant stress relief-The pulse technology releases tension around the muscles on your face to calm and slows down the speed of aging.

Jasmis is the ultimate choice- Our facial rejuvenator brings skincare to a whole new level! The best anti-aging tool for women who want to wind the clock back!