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Japanese Style Cat Harness & Leash


Have you ever wanted to take your cat on a walk without the fuss many harness cause? You've come to the right place! 

Designed for a comfortable and enjoyable cat walking experience. Japanese Style Cat Harness & Leash has a breathable mesh that keeps your pet cool while minimizing the chance of hurting in case of pulling.

The Japanese Style Cat Harness & Leash is easy to put on and off with its fast-release buckles. Simply slide the harness over your pet's head, adjust the straps, and you are ready to go!

Comfortable Padded Mesh Vest - No stress on pet's neck, no choking, Japanese Style Cat Harness & Leash makes sure your pet is at ease. 

Great for Walking, Running, and Hiking - Breathable for all outdoor activities, hugs the pet with a flexible mesh that does not restrict your pet's natural movements.

Adjustable Belt - Designed to fit most dogs' and cats' body shapes. Japanese Style Cat Harness & Leash has a seatbelt buckle to make it fixed. 

Fashionable - With its Japanese style, your feline buddy will clearly stand out on the crowd! Colorful and trendy bringing about your kitty's cuteness!