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iScan Portable Mini Scanner


The perfect mobile scanning solution for users who need to scan a wide variety of documents no matter where they are! iScan Portable Scanner gives you the portability you need to capture data while on the road.

iScan Portable Scanner allows you to quickly and efficiently scan all your important documents in color and transfer them to your computer anywhere in a simple click. Transfer your photos to the computer in a single connection with the USB wire or by micro SD card that will allow you to see and keep in memory your photos scanned on your cell phone or tablet.

Small and convenient, allowing you to leave your paper and binder at home while you scan and digitize your documents to your computer and cell phones in one easy motion. iScan Portable Scanner is capable of fully scanning your A4 type sheet in a single swipe.

Compact - Weighing a little more than a 12 oz bottle of water with dimensions similar to a rolled-up magazine, iScan Portable Scanner packs easily in a laptop bag and is powered by the USB port so you can scan anywhere - even when AC power is unavailable.

Included Correction Tools- Allow you to automatically remove punch holes from scanned images, auto-size documents, enhance text quality, and correct image skew. 

Fast And Easy To Use - Simply press and move the button to begin scanning your document in detail and in color without any loss of quality. iScan Portable Scanner has three modes of scans, so you can get a photo in higher resolution or greater clarity.

Wireless - It will no longer be necessary to transport your charger, as the iScan Portable Scanner only works with 2 AA batteries.