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Invisible Ink Pen

Use the Invisible Ink Pen to write secret messages on a letter, or to add traps and tunnels to a map! Hide your message in plain sight!

Completely invisible under normal artificial light or candlelight, this Invisible Ink Pen comes with a UV light to illuminate what was written using it. Keep your secrete message safe from prying eyes or leave invisible tags in school notebooks.

An ideal toy that your kids would love! Don't worry, it is non-toxic and harmless so it is safe for them to use it. They may write on papers, skin, and even T-shirts!

Premium Quality - The thin felt tip allows you to create explicit images and messages.  The ink from this Invisible Ink Pen is made of outstanding quality and writes smoothly.

Excellent Portion - Appropriate size and length making it comfortable and stable to hold, offering super-smooth writing experience

Wide Application - You can use this Invisible Ink Pen for spy games, school activities, or parties, and a lot more! Bringing you an amazing variety of fun!

Sleek - Sometimes, looks can be deceiving. Just like this Invisible Ink Pen! It looks like a conventional pen until you write with it.