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Invisible Height Boosting Insoles


Walk around feeling taller, more confident, and happier with our height increasing Invisible Height Boosting Insoles!

Add it inside your socks to instantly add an inch to your height. Invisible Height Boosting Insoles is enough to make you feel more confident, but not so much that others are suspicious.

Aside from increasing your height, Invisible Height Boosting Insoles also shields heels with calluses and cracks. It even protects inflamed tissues while absorbing shock and halting extra pressure. It's the ultimate insole that works non-stop to benefit you.

No need to wear insoles while having sweaty feet any longer. It lets you wear it all day long while keeping your feet completely dry.

Comfortable To Wear - Made of medical-grade soft silicone that cushions your heels and relieves heel pain and discomfort from cracked/ calloused heels, sore feet, plantar fasciitis, bone, or aching heel spurs, Achilles, edema, treat stress fractures, sprained foot when walking or running.

Non-Slip - Invisible Height Boosting Insoles fit snugly without moving or slipping and conform to the natural shape of your foot!

Ergonomic U-shaped Design - Absorbs shock and prevents extra pressure on the foot. Greatly improve step balance & foot strength.

Hygienic And Easy To Clean - Invisible Height Boosting Insoles are crafted with tiny holes that are breathable and good for quick sweat-wicking. Silicone is easy to clean with just warm water & soap!