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Invisible Foot Pads

Shoe Size

Invisible Foot Pads is a new product that offers a great option for people who prefer to play on the beach barefoot. They are waterproof, protective, and versatile. Just stick it on your feet, easy on and easy off.

It is made of a specific hypoallergenic certified adhesive. They are environmentally-friendly, breathable, elastic, and recyclable. Invisible Foot Pads can be used for beach, pool, spa, grass, park, etc. They are anti-slip, and anti-cutting, hot-resistant to some extent.

The wonderful Invisible Foot Pads is designed for your feet protection against the hot ground in the summer. With it, there is no need for you to wear a pair of clumsy shoes outside nor do you have to fear to get your shoes dirty or wet, and you just can do what you want and play with your friends to your heart's content. Really a must for a happy outdoor life!

Heat Resistant -Silicone is also a very good heat-insulating material. So, Invisible Foot Pads can isolate the heat/coldness from the ground that gives you your peak performance.

Newest Design - Stealth shoes probably conceivable as a "insoles" against the feet, protects your soles from hot pavement and rocks/glass/whatever but also lets you feel like still barefoot.

Comfortable - When wearing the Invisible Foot Pads, you can run on the beach, smooth rock, swimming pool, spa, park, and street safely.

Anti-slip - The raised lines and circles greatly protect you from dangerous slips, at the same time there's no annoying interrupting cleaning or slippery when having fun.

Sizing Chat

S:   euro size  36-39   length:23cm  

M:    euro size  40-43   length:24.5cm 

L:  euro size  44-47   length:26cm