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HD Portable Monocular Telescope

Are you always embarrassed with a telescope that may be large and difficult to carry around? Why not have a small compact telescope that you can carry with you everywhere?

See a close up of the action without sacrificing comfort. Designed with adjustable eyecups that can be used with or without glasses.

Specially designed for any outdoor enthusiast. The  HD Portable Monocular Telescope is perfect for hiking, hunting, climbing, bird watching, watching wildlife, and other outdoor activities.

HD Portable Monocular Telescope brings the world closer and provides a beautiful high-resolution image with extremely accurate color reproduction. This enables you to observe targets in the distance with more true-to-life details.

ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE TELESCOPE - HD Portable Monocular Telescope is designed with high-powered optics and a large-diameter lens. Offer 30x magnification and a 25mm objective diameter. Field of view: 1000m / 7000m.

SMALL AND COMPACT - Your new scope is half the size and weight of regular binoculars. These are completely portable, can easily slip into your pocket, or attach to your belt/bag.

EASY TO USE, WITH FURTHER DISTANCE - Rubber coating protects the body from impact and wear. The farthest visual distance can be up to 1000m, it is 30 times further than other ordinary binoculars.

FOCUS AND WIDE FIELD OF VIEW - HD Portable Monocular Telescope can be folded to match the distance of your eyes, suitable for both adults and kids. FMC multi-layer enhanced blue film increases light transmission for brighter and higher-contrast images.