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Hand Knitting Machine

Children and parents alike will have hours of fun learning to knit with the Hand Knitting Machine. Create wonderful hand-made knitted tapestry and delight at the works of your own hand!

This Hand Knitting Machine creates a flat or round stitch in seconds with a simple turn of the handle. Perfect for beginners, this will have the kids making trendy projects to wear and share in no time.

With every stitch that a Hand Knitting Machine makes, it does not only develop one’s creativity and skills, but it also helps a person release tension and stress. Stimulate children's interest in new things so that the children themselves in order to motivate innovative thinking!

Educational Toy - Unique crafting experience that stimulates the imagination and creativity of your little girl.

Delights Of Knitting - Knitting Machine Toy is perfect for beginner knitters. Knit your own cool fashion accessories like hats, scarves, socks, and leg warmers!

Safe And Durable - Made with high-quality ABS plastic materials, this Knitting Machine Toy is built to last.

Easy To Use - Create a flat or round stitch in seconds with hand crank operation. Just thread the yarn into the spindles and turn the crank to knit your very own masterpieces. No batteries are required.