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Safety Survival Pocket Chainsaw

This Safety Survival Pocket Chainsaw will do wonders for you when you are on a camping trip in the jungle! Gather a good amount of logs as firewood for cooking and warmth as you need it!

Does not require much physical effort and cuts trees like butter! Pocket Chainsaw's blades wrap around the tree and cut thrice at once! In addition, the bidirectional blades cut deep into the tree every time you press and strip, saving so much of your precious time.

Why not try Pocket Chainsaw today? You will never want to pull out that voluminous chainsaw or spend hours moving that old ax again. Ensure your emergency cache and outdoor supplies are prepared for any task!

Self-cleaning - Its self-cleaning teeth keep the blades sharp so you can use them repeatedly without worrying about the accumulation of waste.

Portable Design - Practical, ultra-light, and portable! Pocket Chainsaw is easy to carry and use, an excellent emergency kit for nature and survival lovers. You can save and spread it anywhere.

Premium Quality - Made of carbon-steel alloy and high-strength steel with heat treatment for durability with 2 super-strong metal rings located one on each side of the saw, so you can handle it with the two hands.

Environmental Friendly - Reaches all kinds of spaces and in all kinds of positions with the great advantage of being able to work without generating noise or spending fuel!