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Go Swing Universal Topless Can Opener

Enjoy the aroma of your canned beverage as if it is in a glass. Spicing up your favorite canned drinks is made even easier with the Go Swing Universal Topless Can Opener.

Go Swing Can Opener is designed to remove the top of almost any can, which enhances your drinking experience and allows you to do things with the can that you never thought you could. 

Leaving no sharp edges on top of the can, this Go Swing Can Opener can make most canned drinks topless such as spiked seltzers, canned wine, canned cocktails, energy drinks, iced coffee, soda/seltzer, and much more.

Just grab the top or bottom edge of the can, open the handle and place the Go Swing Can Opener on top. Then, squeeze the handle and rotate. Just make sure to align rim with handle notches and slowly rock to open the top. And voila! You now have a topless can!

Universal Topless Can Opener – VuraneMintiml Go Swing Can Opener Universal Topless Can Opener Ez Drink ...

Durable Design -The tool is made of high impact ABS plastic allowing the Go Swing Can Opener to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life 

Smooth Pour - Removing the top allows an uninterrupted pour. Leaving you less full and ready to grab another. Ditch the glass and drink straight from the can.

Engineered for Performance- The splitters are designed to be safe to the touch and last for hundreds of cans and likely more.

Small Enough To Take On The Go - The Go Swing Can Opener is about the size of most smartphones and can easily fit into your pocket. Simply click the handle closed for safe storage and slip it into your pocket to take it anywhere.