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Funny Larva Cartoon Faucet Extender


Pour out the fun! Make handwashing a better experience for your little ones with the Larva Faucet Extender!

Give your bathroom or kitchen sink the extra excitement by installing this Larva Faucet Extender. Designed inspired by the cartoon your kids surely love, a fun tool for your young ones and a great way to teach them good hygiene habits.

Some faucets can be a little hard to reach for the little ones so make it easier for them to stay hygienic with this Larva Faucet Extender! This easily extends your faucet to your kid's reachable range so they may start to love washing their hands and brushing their teeth.

No Splashing Water - This Larva Faucet Extender effectively controls the water stream when the faucet is turned on and reduces the water splashes, making washing hands a lot less messy for both adults and children!

Hassle-free Slip-on Installation - Requires absolute zero tools with installation! Simply slip the Larva Faucet Extender onto any faucets and you’re good to go!

Premium Quality - Made of premium food-safe materials, perfectly safe for daily use! Use this for cold and hot water as you desire.

Universal Compatibility - Made with premium anti-bacterial materials, it can be stretched to the perfect size to fit most kinds of faucets!