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Flexible Rotating Lazy Pod

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Looking down at your phone or tablet for a long time may cause neck strain and dizziness, this ergonomically designed Flexible Lazy Pod helps to fix your posture so as to reduce strain and fatigue.


This Flexible Lazy Pod is mainly designed for viewing and reading. Minimalist design, simple yet stylish. Enjoy a great book, watch Netflix lying comfortably. This Flexible Lazy Pod makes a great lodging for your tablet or phone, and free your hands from fatigue.


With it's flexible and easy-twist arm, you can freely adjust it to your comfortable view at your proper sight distance. Rotates a full 360º so you can swap between horizontal and vertical viewing orientations Especially helpful when you're cooking or studying.

BROAD COMPATIBILITY - This ergonomic Flexible Lazy Pod is compatible with all 4 - 10 inches cell phones and tablets.

EASY TO MOUNT - it can be mounted to places like a bed headboard, desk, or a table next to your favorite chair. It raises your tablet to your eye level or any other height you want.

PROTECTS YOUR EYES AND POSTURE - With this Flexible Lazy Pod, you can keep your tablet or phone at an appropriate distance from your eyes. And also ergonomically fix your posture while looking at your device.

FLEXIBLE STIFFENED ARM - Made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, stiffened material, very sturdy, and flexible.