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Electric Meat Grinder Food Processor

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An indispensable helper in your kitchen is here! Stainless Steel Electric Grinder equipped with a stainless steel bowl and two-liter capacity is what you need!

This even has two speeds of options for a wide range of different ingredients. High and low, you decide which one you'll need. Be it meat, fruits, vegetables, or spices, this Stainless Steel Electric Grinder will deal with it for you!

The Stainless Steel Electric Grinder's design is more fashionable to meet the aesthetic requirements of many people, the structure design is reasonable, and it is very easy to operate.

One more concern when you're in the kitchen and done cooking is cleaning up. Well, the Stainless Steel Electric Grinder takes apart easily and clean up is a snap, the removable parts are dishwasher safe!

High-quality Food Grade Material - Made of 304 stainless steel compared to other glass meat grinder, it is more durable. Bringing you an efficient & fast food processor.

Multifunctional - This Stainless Steel Electric Grinder is not just for meats, you can also use it as a spice grinder or use it to make baby food. Great for chopping, blending, pureeing, mixing and mincing a variety of ingredients quickly.

User-Friendly Design - It has a non-slip rubber ring for stable operation, 2 easy and comfortable grips, lower noise-less than 40db. You don't have to be a pro to use it.

"S" Shape Dual Blade - The Stainless Steel Electric Grinder is equipped with four stainless steel blades. Its 4D design allows the upper and lower blades to evenly chop food from every angle.