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Electric Heated Shoe Dryer

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Extend the life of your footwear and gear! The Electric Heated Shoe Dryer is ready to restore your soggy shoes to dryness and comfort!

The Electric Heated Shoe Dryer can remove the moisture, damp, sweat, and odor inside the shoe and eliminate the growth of bacteria. Working at a constant temperature, it produces soft air to dry shows gently.

With its time reservation function, Electric Heated Shoe Dryer allows you to set a different time for each pair of shoes or boots so you won't need to worry about accidentally burning or damaging them. It effectively deodorizes sweaty shoes and thanks to its power it ensures rapid drying.

Fold Up Design - When not in use you can fold and put away. Portable enough to take with you on your next outdoor adventure.

Adjustable Bracket - You can adjust the distance with two stretched brackets so it may fit all kinds of gear.

Multipurpose - This ain't just for different types of shoes! The Electric Heated Shoe Dryer works perfectly for gloves, hats, socks, helmets, and berets as well.

UV Sterilization - Electric Heated Shoe Dryer can kill pathogens quickly avoiding foot problems such as dermatophytosis, athlete's foot, and feet tickle.