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Electric Fuel Transfer Pump


Transferring12 liters of liquid within a minute sound impossible but this Electric Fuel Transfer Pump made it feasible!

Electric Fuel Transfer Pump moves fuel from one place to another, such as from an underground tank to a vehicle. Great for pumping any non-corrosive liquids such as gas, non-drinking water, and oil.

Just push on the switch and the Electric Fuel Transfer Pump will turn on and another push will turn it off, no tricky instructions to follow.  Remove the hassle of transferring your gas or water from the can to your car or vice versa!

High-quality Clamp - Made of high-hardness pure copper metal with elastic spring, which has a tight bite force and is not easy to loosen during use.

Powerful Motor - Electric Fuel Transfer Pump is equipped with a strong motor and adopting a continuous working principle, 

Safety Assurance - Tested and passed through a strict performance test for temperature resistance and anti-shock with a high-quality protection rating

Handy - Due to its compact size and the handle grip, this Electric Fuel Transfer Pump is very portable to carry. You can freely use it wherever you need it.