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Electric Fruits & Vegetables Peeler


Peeling fruits and vegetables do not have to take much of your time, energy, and effort. In fact, you can even do it handsfree by using the Electric Fruits & Vegetables Peeler!

Electric Fruits & Vegetables Peeler is simple and safe to operate thanks to its non-slip base holds, it is secure to the counter or other work surfaces. It’s an amazing automatic electric peeler that peels away fruits and vegetables in one fast easy motion.

Put your fruits/veggies in this Electric Fruits & Vegetables Peeler while you are getting yourself ready and come back with a peeled fruit/veggie. Be more productive and multitask as it peels or sit and watch to be amazed at how fascinating it works!

No Waste - Peeling is quick and easy with the Electric Fruits & Vegetables Peeler. It peels just the skin without wasting any of the nutritious parts.

Multiple Power Source - The Electric Fruits & Vegetables Peeler operates with an adapter and can also function with batteries. Strong power and high working efficiency.

Sharp Knife - The Electric Fruits & Vegetables Peeler has a high-quality stainless steel blade to peel much faster and with more precision. Can adapt to different fruits' and veggies' size. 

Efficient - Peels a variety of fruits or vegetables of various shapes and textures with the press of a button.