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Electric Engraving Pen

Engrave anything you want and create your DIY handmade engraving crafts perfectly! Electric Engraving Pen is the revolutionary pen to make your passion dream come true!

With this Electric Engraving Pen, you can easily label tools and valuables to personalize them. It gives you the ability to engrave all of your belongings without the cost and time of asking an engraving specialist. Being battery operated means you can engrave things anywhere you want without needing an electrical outlet.

It works just like a pen! Hold the Electric Engraving Pen like you would a pencil, with your thumb over the control button. Press the control button in with your thumb. Applying slight pressure, press the tool down on the surface to be engraved. To turn off simply release thumb pressure from the control button.

Diamond Infused Tip - It allows you to inscribe almost any material including steel, metal, wood, glass, or plastic. No fading and inking.

Portable - Designed as a pen, you can easily carry it wherever you go! Electric Engraving Pen is powered by batteries so no need to look for outlets when you felt you wanna carve.

Ergonomic Design - Since it is designed like a pen, it makes hand gripping comfortable in spite of a long time of work.

Protect And Identify - Electric Engraving Pen enables precision cordless engraving with permanent identifying markings by anyone!