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Easy Whisk Semi-Automatic Mixer


Streamline the process of cooking, baking, and food preparation time with Easy Whisk Semi-Automatic Mixer! Forget the traditional egg beating you were used to doing, whisk like you never did before!

This handy kitchen rotating whisk tool takes care of all your mixing needs with ease. No bulky appliances, no dangerous electricity or cords, or undependable batteries. Easy Whisk will make your life easier and better.

Just simply press down the handle and the whisk stainless steel blades rotate. Fast mixing and blending, Easy Whisk will spin as you press down and counter spins as it springs back up.

Easy Whisk gives you maximum mixing power to blend anything quickly and efficiently. Gives you the ultimate aerating whisking action, more air means more fluff! You can even take it anywhere since it is light and portable.

Exquisite And Durable - Made of food-grade stainless steel, never worry about bending or breaking with regular use and easy to clean.

Energy Saving And Convenient - Easy Whisk doesn't require any batteries or electricity, it is designed based on the spring mechanical principle.

Multifunction - Easy Whisk is a multifunction whisk, can beat eggs, stir batter, whip cream, stir sauces, and many more!

Easy To Use And Clean - As long as Easy Whisk is gently pressed it can quickly mix liquid evenly, it has an ergonomic design, saves you time and effort. It is dishwasher safe or just use warm water and soap then rinse and pat dry.