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Easy Strawberry Huller

Hull your strawberries in seconds with our stem gem! Breeze through food preparation tasks with the beautifully designed Easy Strawberry Huller!

This huller is perfect for removing strawberry stems with ease. It will reduce the amount of time it takes you to cut and de-stem strawberries. This ingeniously simple and handy device removes the stem from strawberries quickly and without wasting any of the delicious fruit!

Use the spring-loaded huller to open the blade-less claw to the right size for any strawberry. You can even get the kids involved in kitchen prep with this simple, safe, and effective alternative to hulling or coring with a knife. The best way to encourage young children to eat well is to make healthy eating fun. 

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NOT JUST FOR STRAWBERRIES - Hulls strawberries and other soft fruits and vegetables in seconds.

EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - Insert the stainless steel claw, push gently, then twist out the strawberry stem for fillings and more. Top-rack dishwasher is safe for fast and easy cleanup.

GREAT MATERIAL - Made from BPA free food grade plastic, safe and user-friendly. It has a comfortable and non-slip grip.

HANDY AND PORTABLE - Bold colors and a fun design make this strawberry tool easy to find in a drawer. Easily brought anywhere you might dig into strawberries. 

Strawberry Huller Stainless Steel Effective Leaf Stem Remover ...