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Easy Drain Hair Remover

No longer will you need to have expensive plumbing work done whenever your drain clogs up. No more dumping of harsh chemicals down your drain every month! You can now just simply insert the Drain Hair Remover into your drain and be done with stringing out hairs with your fingers!

Strung down into your drain with a flower that sits on the top holding it up. The Drain Sicko is made to fit pretty much any type and size of drain, is extremely low-maintenance can even be stuck to the side of your tub if it can't rest on the top of your drain.

The Drain Hair Remover is made up of a long string of beads that get strung down your drain, along with four sets of whiskers that are placed throughout the string. As the hairs go down your drain, the whiskers will catch the hairs and continue to accumulate them until you remove it.

Patented Design - Fits most shower drains easily and does not obstruct the flow of water.

Hygienic - Completely disposable design, Drain Hair Remover allows you to remove hair without touching it.

Low Maintenance - Just replace every 2-4 months. No need for drain chemicals or treatments for clogged drains.

Money Saver - No more expensive plumbing bills to unclog drains. Protect your drain with this Drain Hair Remover before it gets clogged with hair and debris.