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Door Stopper


Protect interior walls from impact damage by shielding contact point of wall and door handle with this Door Stopper! Perfect for windy areas to keep airflow in the house without the inevitable heavy banged door.

Door Stopper is equipped with an integrated soft catch door technology combined with an ultimate grip providing better preservation on your walls and doors. Reducing noise and impact of closing doors giving you a comfortable and harmonious entity.

It comes with two parts, one that sticks on the ground while the other one sticks on the door. Door Stopper conveniently holds your door open when needed to keep air flowing. Prevents your doors from slamming shut which means no risk of fingers caught.

No Tools Needed - Simply remove the protective film at the back of the Door Stopper. You wouldn't need any dried holes, you don't even have to be a skilled craftsperson to have it installed.

Promising Quality - Made of high-quality ABS silicone, Door Stopper is flexible, safe, and environmentally friendly. A super sturdy, rustproof, and effective doorstop.

Works With Any Doors - Different houses have different doors and to make this Doorstopper more helpful, you can use it whatever type of door you have at your home or office. As long as you stick it into a smooth flat surface then this will be of service for you!

Holds Your Door Safely - Especially suitable for families that have small children or naughty pets. Not just protecting your walls and doors but also you and your loved ones!