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Dolphin Bubble Machine Toy Gun


Fun and excitement await your children with the Dolphin Bubble Machine Toy Gun! Enjoy blowing bubbles with ease!

Keep your kids away from those gadgets as much as possible! Dolphin Bubble Machine Toy Gun encourages active play and while they have fun chasing and popping the bubbles this also builds their hand-eye coordination.

Easily load up a bottle of bubbles on the Dolphin Bubble Machine Toy Gun and start shooting streams of bubbles right away! Featuring a dolphin design, this cartoon-like bubble gun of yours can truly delight your children.

Sounds And Light - With each press of the trigger, Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun will be shooting bubbles with matching flashing bright lights and sound effects.

Battery Operated - No need to worry about the electricity shortage! This Dolphin Bubble Machine Gun only needs three pieces of AAA batteries 

Safe - Made from non-toxic ABS plastic with smooth edges, easy to hold and play. No more spilling and leaking bubble water everywhere.

Kid-friendly Design - Will surely attract kids of all ages. Lightweight and easy to hold, kids will have the freedom to carry it with them wherever they go.