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Disposable Toilet Cleaning Brush

Toilet Brush Set

Ditch your traditional toilet scrub that gets nasty after numerous uses and welcome the modern and easier way of cleaning toilet bowls. Disposable Toilet Brush is a cleaner way to clean your toilet!

Disposable Toilet Brush is a quick and convenient tool for getting the toilet clean. It provides deep and powerful scrubbing to remove spots and stain from the toilet.

Comes with one wand, one storage shelf which also functions as the brush's stand, and refills to enable you to achieve a deeper clean. Each of the disposable brush head is preloaded with a powerful decontamination factor for removing tough stains and rusts, kills bacteria, and removes limescale.

The handle is comfortable to hold and makes it easy to clean every corner of the toilet. After using, you can easily throw away the brush head in the trash can or into the toilet for flushing without causing any blockage. Disposable Toilet Brush is designed to offer you a brand new brush each time you want to clean your toilet.

Effective Disinfecting Agent - Formulated with decontamination factor that effectively kills and eliminates deadly bacteria, stopping germs from spreading in the toilet bowl.

Expendable Brush Head - No need to touch the Disposable Toilet Brush with your hands after dipping and soaking it in the toilet bowl. The brush head is made of soluble materials that can be flushed without getting your toilet clogged. It dissolves in water! Simply press the button on the handle to remove the brush head and flush away.

Cleans Difficult To Reach Areas - With a long handle and its head structure, Disposable Toilet Brush should help reach areas that are not easy to reach and help in the cleaning of the toilet bowl thoroughly.

More Convenient - Eliminate the need to store a dirty, germ-ridden toilet brush with the convenient caddy that stores your Disposable Toilet Brush and refill heads for an all-in-one bathroom household cleaner.