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Desktop Mobile Phone Stand

If you are fond of doing live broadcasts or simply want to watch or read on your phone stably and handsfree then this Round base Phone Stand is exactly what you need!

With infinite convenience in mind, this Round Base Phone Stand is designed to hold your phone firmly and steadily without all that strain and fatigue on your arms and hands. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Multitasking will be even much easier when you have this Round Base Phone Stand. Watching tutorials while learning how to cook, practicing yoga, or simply watch movies is now made feasible and manageable!

Bottom Disc - Designed with a built-in weighted iron block, preventing tilting or falling.

Adaptable - Round Base Phone Stand can be adjusted 180 degrees back and forth and can be rotated 360 degrees, even the height can't be adjusted for the best viewing experience.

Anti-skid Rubber - The clip of this Round Base Phone Stand has rubber pads to avoid damaging or scratching your device.

Easy To Install - You just have to put the pieces all together, no complicated instructions to follow and you will for sure assemble it within a couple of minutes.