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Cylindrical Knife Stand


This Cylindrical Knife Stand is here to offer a seventh-heaven kitchen experience designed especially for you! A must-have kitchen accessory that’s sure to leave you wondering how you ever managed before!

Set far back on the counter, it will keep those gleaming, fascinating kitchen cutters out of the reach and view of children. Cylindrical Knife Stan features a double-layer wavy grooved design, it will hold each knife firmly without scratching the blade. Knives will stay as sharp as ever and clean, to boot.

The clean, modern look of the Cylindrical Knife Stand will complement any décor. The smart round design is as practical as it is aesthetic, saving precious counter and drawer space in your kitchen!

Premium Quality - Made of high-quality eco-friendly materials, Cylindrical Knife Stand will organize up to a dozen kitchen knives of every type and brand.

Vast Use - You’ll find it just the perfect Cylindrical Knife Stand for chef knives, bread knives, steak knives, carving knives, vegetable knives, and any other knife you can think of!

Humanized Design - The innovative double-layer wavy slot is made of flexible material, which ensures knives slid in or pull out easily and protects them from abrasion.

Detachable Top - You'll never know how dirty it is if the knife holder cannot be taken apart. The detachable top insert makes it quite easy to clean making everything simple.

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