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Creative Wall Mounted Soap Holder


Keep your soap from being slimy and messy! Grab one of these Wall-mounted Soap Holders and reimagine the way you wash your hands!

Introducing the Wall-Mounted Soap Holder, a new yet creative soap holder that will make your soap usage more easy and efficient. Allows excess water to drain out and let your soap dry naturally while extending its life, as well as keeping it from insects and unwanted contamination.

Installation is a breeze! Install it on your wall without the need for drilling holes or damaging your interiors. The Wall-mounted Soap Holder isn't complicated at all! No more soft and mushy soap!

Wide Application - In the bathroom or kitchen by the kitchen sink, shower for children or old people, or even in a guest room, all are in one handy location as long as you need.

Detachable Cover - The cover which is also where you put the soap is detachable for an easy-breezy cleanup.

Slanted Design - Wall-mounted Soap Holder is designed to make sure your water flows right away and prevent your soap from being soaked.

Hygienic - Unlike other soap holders, this Wall-mounted Soap Holder is covered but can also be well ventilated. Ensuring hygiene is met at it's best.