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Climbing Santa


Decorate your home and fill it with a festive atmosphere. Climbing Santa is here to help out decorating those high-to reach places for Christmas!

Climbing Santa climbs up his ladder and helps you get that ornament in just the perfect spot. It even plays music while climbing up, a stunning eye-catching substantial decoration for your garden, roof, outside your home or business.

Featuring a jolly Santa donning his traditional Christmas gear, the red suit, and hat with white fluffy trim. This Climbing Santa climbs a long leaning ladder and would make for an adorable addition to your Christmas tree. He can be made to look like he is helping you trim your tree!

Easy To Set Up - No special tools needed! The ladder is easy to assemble and can be attached to a tree or leaned against the wall.

Premium Quality - Made of high PVC  and plush, this Climbing Santa is guaranteed durable and long-lasting. Keep Santa for off-season storage and use it year after year!

Christmas Music – Once turned on, the music starts playing to set the holiday mood and spread cheer throughout the home!

Amusing - Easily attach the ladder to your tree and make it appear that Santa's helping you set up the lights while moving up and down the ladder.