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Children Bathing Foam Bubble Blower


Children will absolutely fall in love with their daily bath time when they have Foam Bubble Blowers in the tub!

Unlike the other traditional bubble machine, with this Foam Bubble Blower, your kids can easily blow a dreamy, continuous over a three-meter bubble-snake-filled bathtub and will be surprised with a new bubble world they can create!

Not only does having the right kind of toys during a bath can provide a fun distraction but it also encourages parent-child bonding! Foam Bubble Blower will make your little ones look forward to the next bath time!

Safe And Worry-Free - Designed with a special check valve to prevent children from accidentally inhaling shower gel, making the Foam Bubble Blower absolutely safe and worry-free for parents.

Premium Quality - Made using strong, high-quality ABS plastic, the Foam Bubble Blower will prove to be durable and long-lasting.

Simple and Fun - It's a fun and adorable distraction so that parents can clean their children thoroughly. A simple bubble blowing mechanism but better and more enjoyable for toddlers to use than traditional ones.

Big And Endless Bubble Foams - Upgrade your children's bath time by instantly creating big and awesome bubbles just by blowing the pipe.