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Cat Water Automatic Fountain

Say goodbye to those ineffective water bowls that make water contaminated with hairs and toxic bacteria collected on the bottom surface. Worst of all, affecting your cat's health and lead to the risk of crystallization in the urethra!

This incredible Cat Water Fountain supplies fresh, purified, and flowing water that encourages your cat to drink more water to keep her hydrated and healthy all the time. Made with BPA free material and was developed by safety experts for busy paw parents!

This Cat Water Fountain features a flower spout that drips water down in a calming and enticing way to attract your cats to it and drink more. At night it gives off a beautiful blue glow which indicates it is working fine.

Ideal for cats but also works for small to medium dogs. Just remove the flower spout if it is for dogs as they like a bigger surface to drink from. Even birds can enjoy this! Clean water, healthier pets!

Keeps Your Kitty Healthy - Cat Water Fountain helps to promote a healthy urinary tract and optimal kidney function by ensuring your cat is adequately hydrated.

Triple Action Filtration - The triple activated carbon filter keeps the water fresh, odorless, and helps prevent urinary tract diseases.

Virtually Silent - The whisper-quiet pump makes virtually zero noise, Cat Water Fountain ensures your cat is unalarmed and you are un-annoyed!

Automatic Shut-Off Function - When the water level is too low, the LED light flashes red, and the pump turns off.