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Car Scratch Remover Pen

Repair eye-sore scratches on your car in seconds with the Scratch Remover Pen! Safely removes scratches, bumps, and blemishes from your car's finish.

Scratch Remover Pen is a fast-acting formula that uses millions of microscopic polishing agents to penetrate scratches and restore your car's original shine and finish in just seconds. Works very quickly and you will see the difference right in front of your eyes!

Now you can do it all on your own, very quickly, and save yourself a few trips to your local car service station. Scratch Remover Pen will make your car look brand new!

Save Time And Money - There's no need to pay exorbitant prices at car shops anymore to fix small, medium, and even heavy scratches! Now you can do it all on your own, in just a few minutes.

Compact - Takes up very little space and you can easily keep one or several pieces in your glove compartment, center console, your bag, or even your pocket.

Versatile - Scratch Remover Pen works on any car and in any color! A must-have item for car lovers and drivers.

Waterproof - Gives you a permanent result and repair will last for a long time with the Scratch Remover Pen's water-resistant feature.