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Butterfly Mop

1 Mop Pad
3 Mop Pads

If you're having issues with heavy dirt, soapy mop buckets, dusty handles, or even having to move furniture back and forth, stress no further! The Butterfly Mop twists out water and dirt automatically with its built-in self wringer. Start your clean up day with minimal effort and labor!

This is a labor-saving flat mop for your house cleaning! Made of thick stainless steel and PE, this mop is firm and solid to use. With this Butterfly Mop, bending your waist is never needed and you can enjoy a happier and easier house cleaning experience.

The X-shaped cleaning head allows you to really push the microfiber pads into and around corners, furniture legs, recesses, and any nook or cranny that ordinary mops would leave untouched. Butterfly Mop is absolutely hands-free!

Washable And Reusable - A combination of woven microfiber can effectively loosen, lift and trap dirt and grime like magic while gliding.

Swivel Head And Hand Grip - Its swivel head allow for deep clean into corners and easy glide under furniture. Butterfly Mop also comes with a soft handgrip that provides a comfortable cleaning experience.

Safe On All Types Of Floors - Butterfly Mop is ideal for hardwood, laminate tile, stone, concrete floors, and etc.

Use It On Dry Or Wet Surfaces - Made to be used for wet and dry cleaning. Butterfly Mop provides quick and effective results.