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Bracket Shower Head Holder

Tired of chasing the spray from a showerhead that just won’t face you? Improve your shower experience with the Bracket Shower Head Holder. Now you can freely move and attach your showerhead wherever the spray will hit you best.

Removable and reusable, this shower bracket allows you to adjust your showerhead’s position on the wall according to your preference and convenience. It’ll firmly attach to any surface using powerful suction cups that can effortlessly support even heavy showerheads. It’s clean to use and easy to install—just stick it on!

Bracket Shower Head Holder is made of high-quality TPR making it durable, waterproof, and moisture-proof. It can be attached to any smooth, flat surface such as glass, tile, mirrors, artificial stone, etc.

ADJUSTABLE POSITION - Easily removable and highly reusable, you can now easily adjust the height of your showerhead according to your preference.

IMPROVED SUCTION - Thanks to its powerful suction cups, it’ll firmly attach to any surface and can carry a max load of 5kg. It can effortlessly support heavy showerheads.

CLEAN USE - This shower bracket won’t leave any residue or stain or otherwise damage your bathroom no matter how many times you stick and remove it.

ONE-STEP INSTALLATION - Extremely easy to install, you only need to pick a smooth, flat spot and firmly press it on. No need for drilling or screws.