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Bike Wrist Rear View Mirror

Get extra protection when cycling. Equip yourself with Bike Wrist Rear View Mirrors and let them serve as a pair of eyes on the back of your head so you won't need to turn your head every time to see what's behind you!

Bike Wrist Rear View Mirror will let you experience a safer journey when cycling. Just strap one on to your forearm as you would a wristwatch and you're good to go!

Having the Bike Wrist Rear View Mirror on your arm instead of being mounted on the bike ensures that it covers every possible rear-view angle and perspective as you can move your arm and direct the mirror any way you want.

Innovative Design - If you feel tired of the conventional rearview mirror, this will be your best choice! It can be used as a bicycle and a motorcycle mirror. It can be controlled freely, convenient, and has a wide field of vision.

Breathable Fabric - The Bike Wrist Rear View Mirror is made of cloth with breathable holes. It has superior heatsink performance. Don't worry about sweating on long-distance driving.

Will Not Burn The Wrist - Ultra-light and very comfortable to wear. The T-Shape rubber buckle prevents the Bike Wrist Rear View Mirror from falling.

360° Fully Adjustable - Mounting on the wrist with an elastic fastening belt allows the biker to fully adjust the visible angle. The silver glass mirror is made of a convex lens, which provides the bikers with a wide field of vision.