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Bathroom Foot Massage Scrubber Brush


Treat your feet the way they should be treated! This Foot Massage Slipper is used to clean and massage your feet from heel to toe, giving you clean and smooth feet.

Turn your shower into a foot spa instantly with Foot Massage Slippers, while thousands of bristles, massage and cleans your feet from toes to soles. Just add soap and slide your feet inside and keep moving it to and fro for a thorough cleaning. It also helps repair the cracks in your heels and removes dead skin.

You no longer need to have the trouble of bending down to clean your feet. Adults and children alike can achieve cleaner and healthier feet. Just secure Foot Massage Slipper to any smooth shower or tub surface and its special non-slip suction cups on the bottom keep the foot cleaning scrubber safe and secure while in use.

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Extraordinary Quality - Foot Massager Slipper is an eco-friendly and harmless foot cleaner that can smoothen heels with pumice stone and can be secured for any tub or shower baths.

Suitable For All Ages -  it isn't complicated to use and there are no difficult instructions to follow so anyone can use it. Foot Massager Slipper is for grannies to toddlers!

Luxury Foot Massage - No need to go out for a relaxing foot-spa, you can do one at home in your own extravagance! Saving you money and time.

Pumice Stone - There is even a pumice stone for the heels! This stone polishes away dead skin and helps repair cracks and dryness.